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Alcatel ASM-10 Portable Leak Detector $6,700.00

High sensitivity (8x10-12 ). Unit has LN2 trapped diffusion pump and a 3.2 CFM vane rough pump. The ASM-10 is very rugged, easy to use and calibrate, and has full protection against atmospheric air-in rushes. The throttle valve allows this compact unit to be used on large volumes.  

Alcatel ASM-110TCL Portable Leak Detector $6,850.00

Unique three mode leak detector offering Closed Loop, Conventional, and Counter Flow testing for a wide range of leak checking from 3 x 10-1 to 2 x 1-11. Unit has simple rugged analog electronics, with full filament protection from air in-rushes, turbo pump and vane backing/roughing pump.

Alcatel ASM-142 Portable Leak Detector $12,000.00
This unit is a very modern leak detector from Alcatel/Adixen which features auto-cal with temperature compensation, auto zero, full automation of test cycle, and Alcatel's new analyzer cell design. Backing pump is the helium-efficient oil-sealed vane pump. 1 x10-11 sensitivity.


Alcatel ASM-142S $10,500.00

The ASM-142 unit maximized for helium sniffing.


Alcatel ASM-180T $11,000.00

The very popular 180 series features auto-cal with temperature compensation, remote control, 130 l/s turbo, 15 CFM oil sealed vane pump, and 5 x 10-12 sensitivity.


Alcatel ASM-180TD+ $16,250.00

The most popular portable leak detector Alcatel ever made. This is an all dry portable unit with 5x10-12 sensitivity with auto calibration. Unit has the alphanumeric display option and the ASM-180TD+ cart.


ASM-10 Portable Leak Detector $6,700.00
ASM-110TCL $6,850.00
Alcatel ASM-142 $12,000.00
Alcatel ASM-142S $10,500.00
ASM-180T $11,000.00
ASM-180TD+ $16,250.00
ASM-182T $12,750.00
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