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Agilent Flexy Pumping Stations and IDP 15 Scroll Pumps

Provac Sales, Inc. is now offering new Agilent Vacuum Equipment. Featured Products:Agilent TPS-Flexy with TV-84FS turbomolecular pump and MD-1 diaphragm pump $5,290.00 each (pictured left) Pump down time: 140 seconds to 5x10-5 mbar (1 liter) Turbo pump Rotational Speed 81,000 RPM Agilent IDP-15 Dry Scroll Pump, High-performance dry primary vacuum pump $6,800.00 each (pictured right) Peak pumping speed: 15.4 m3/hour Ultimate Pressure: 10X10-3 Torr Quiet (<50db) and vibration free Hermetic Design  

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