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dry scroll pumps Edwards

Get Them Fast- In Stock & Ready to Ship- Edwards Dry Scroll Vacuum Pumps

This week’s featured product: Edwards XDS and nXDS Dry Scroll Vacuum Pumps Rebuilt and New Inventory- In stock and ready to ship Edwards nXDS Scroll Pumps nXDS improves on legacy XDS pumps by offering increased pumping speeds, combined with lower ultimate pressures, lower power consumption and lower noise. Gas ballast allows for pumping of condensable vapours including, water, solvents, dilute acids and bases. nXDS pumps also feature the latest in tip seal technology giving significantly longer life between tip seal changes. Integrated inverter drive with auto sensing voltage input delivers optimized pumping performance globally.   Edwards nXDS-10i, New $6,578.00 7.5 CFM Displacement, 0.015 Torr Ultimate Base Pressure Edwards XDS Scroll Pumps: Totally clean and dry vacuum. No bearings or grease...

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dry scroll pumps pump failure pump maintenance rotary vane pumps turbo pumps

New Year's Resolution- Check On Your Vacuum Pumps!

Paying attention to the health of your vacuum pump can extend the run-time between rebuilds and save you from catastrophic failure. Here are some tips for things to look out for that may indicate the performance of your pump is declining: Tip #1-Turbo Pumps: Is there a change in sound or vibration coming from your turbo pump? A change in noise or vibration in your turbo pump could indicate that the bearings are failing. Continuing to run your turbo pump with a noise can set you up for a catastrophic failure- a hard crash which destroys the stator and rotor blades. The photo on the left shows a catastrophic failure of a Leybold TMP-1000C. Oil Sealed Rotary Vane Pumps: What...

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