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In Stock Kinney Piston Pump ready to ship Tuthill Vacuum Pumps

Kinney KT-505LP Low Profile Piston Pumps, In Stock

Kinney KT-505LP US $28,422.00 Provac Sales, Inc. has in stock the rare and hard-to-find Kinney KT-505LP oil-sealed rotary piston vacuum pumps. These units have been fully rebuilt by the Tuthill-factory service center and are backed by our six-month warranty. Features: - 300 CFM nominal displacement - Full pumping speed down to 1 Torr; ultimate pressure to 10 microns. - Low profile design - Integral oil mist eliminator - Compact design with easy access for maintenance Buy it now on our Ebay Store or contact our sales professionals at: Provac Sales, Inc. Sales and Technical Support 831-462-8900 Monday-Friday 8-5 PST

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