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Pfeiffer TPH-240 Turbomolecular Pump

Pfeiffer TPH-240 Turbomolecular Pump   Price for turbo vacuum pump Pfeiffer TPH-240   Inlet DN 100 ISOK, DN 100 CF Exhaust DN 25 ISO-KF     Volume Flow Rate For: Nitrogen 230 Liters/Second Helium 240 Liters/Second Hydrogen 210 Liters/Second   Recommended Backing Pump 1.5-16 Cubic Meters/Hour   Ultimate Operating Pressure 10-11 mBar     Rated Speed: 60,000 RPM Run-up Time: 1 minute     Pfeiffer TPH-240 Turbomolecular Vacuum Pump Price

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Buy Pfeiffer TMH-071P Pfeiffer TMH-071P Pfeiffer Turbo Drag Pumps Pfeiffer Turbo Pumps Provac Sales Pfeiffer TMH-071P Refurbished Pfeiffer Turbo Pumps Turbomolecular Pumps Vacuum Pumps

Pfeiffer TMH-071P Turbo Drag Pump

Pfeiffer TMH-071P Turbo Drag Pump Price for turbo vacuum pump Pfeiffer TMH-071 Ultimate Pressure With Rotary Vane Pump <5x10-10 mbar Ultimate Pressure With Diaphragm Pump <1 X10-8 mbar   Inlet DN 63 ISO-K Exhaust DN 16 ISO KF Pumping Speeds  For Nitrogen 60 liters/second   Pumping Speed For Helium 55 liters/second   Pumping Speed for Hydrogen 45 liters/second   Run-up time approximately 2 minutes Pfeiffer TMH-071P   turbo drag vacuum pump price

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