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Pfeiffer ATH-1300MT Magnetically Levitated Turbo Pumps, In Stock Now

Provac Sales, Inc. offers brand-new magnetically-levitated Pfeiffer ATH-1300MT turbomolecular pumps. Features include: - High gas throughput for all process gasses - Ultra-low noise and vibration - Continuous control of the rotor position due   to magnetic bearing technology. Buy It Now Pfeiffer ATH-1300 MT $18,500 each ISO-200F Inlet, KF-40 Exhaust Ultimate Pressure: 8x10-9 millibar (6X10-7 mTorr) 34,000 RPM Pumping Speeds: N2 1,250 liters/second He 850 liters/second H2 550 liters/second   Compression Ratios: N2 1X107 He 2X103 H2 1X102

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Agilent In Stock Leybold ready to ship turbo pump Vacuum Pumps Varian

Varian V-301 and Leybold TMP-361C Turbo Pumps In Stock

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