Agilent Vaclon Plus 300 Ion Pump Image 1

Agilent Vaclon Plus 300 Ion Pump

Pricing and lead time confirmed with inquiry

  • Type of Product: Ion Pump
  • Manufacturer: Agilent
  • Price: ASK
  • *Additional Configurations Available Upon Request

Technical Specs

Pumping Speed l/s (saturated pump at 1-6 mbar) Nitrogen Star Cell: 240, Noble Diode: 260, Diode: 300
Operating Life (hours) (at 1-6 mbar) Star Cell: 80,000, Noble Diode: 50,000, Diode: 50,000
Maximum Starting Pressure (mbar) Star Cell: <10-2, Noble Diode: <10-3, Diode: <10-3
Maximum Baking Temperature (Celsius) 350
Weight 69kg/149lbs.
Applications Include Research & Development, Mass Spectrometry, Nanotechnologies, Industrial Vacuum Processes