Edwards nEXT-240D Turbo Pump Image 1

Edwards nEXT-240D Turbo Pump

Pricing and lead time confirmed with inquiry

  • Type of Product: Turbo Pump
  • Manufacturer: Edwards
  • Price: ASK
  • Condition: New
  • Other Configurations Available Upon Request

Technical Specs

Pumping Speed NW40 N2: 47 ls-1, He: 61 ls-1, H2: 49 ls-1, Ar: 44 ls-1
Pumping Speed ISO63/CF63 N2: 84 ls-1, He: 78 ls-1, H2: 60 ls-1, Ar: 80 ls-1
Pumping Speed ISO100 N2: 86 ls-1, He: 80 ls-1, H2: 60 ls-1, Ar: 84 ls-1
Compression Ratio N2: >10E+11, He: nEXT85D: 8X10E+6, nEXT85H: 2X10E+7, H2: 2X10E+5, Ar: >10E+11
Ultimate Pressure <3.8X10-9 Torr
Mass 4.4kg/9.7lbs.