Leybold/Oerlikon SV-100 Rotary Vane Pump Image 1

Leybold/Oerlikon SV-100 Rotary Vane Pump

$ 2,560.00

  • Type of Product: Vane Pump
  • Manufacturer: Leybold/Oerlikon
  • Price: $2,560.00
  • *Additional Configurations Available Upon Request

Technical Specs

Displacement 71 cfm
Actual Pumping Speed 66 cfm
Guaranteed Base Pressure 29.89 inHgVac
Base Pressure With Gas-Ballast 29.8 inHgVac
Water Vapor Tolerance 28.74 inHgVac
Water Vapor Pumping With Gas-Ballast 2.6 qt/hr
Pump Rotational Speed (nominal) 1800 rpm
Oil Capacity 3.7 Quarts
Weight 103.5kg/228lbs
Applications Include Car Industry, Food Industry, Furnaces and Plants, Laser Technology, Medicinal Technology, Metallurgy, Power Engineering, Long Distance Energy, Space Simulation, Vacuum Coating