Varian TV-550 Turbo Pump, 8 1/2

Varian TV-550 Turbo Pump, 8 1/2" Conflat Inlet, Rebuilt

$ 6,000.00

  • Type of Product: Turbo Pump
  • Manufacturer: Varian
  • Price: $6,000.00
  • Inlet: 8 1/2" Conflat
  • Exhaust: KF25
  • Vent Valve: Fixed
  • *Additional Configurations Available Upon Request

Technical Specs

Pumping Speed ISO160 or 8"CF N2: 550 l/s, He: 600 l/s, H2: 510 l/s
Pumping Speed ISO100 or 6"CF N2: 350 l/s, He: 450 l/s, H2: 450 l/s
Compression Ratio N2: >1X10E+9, He: 1X10E+7, H2: 2X10E+6
Base Pressure With Mechanical Forepump <1X10-10 Torr
Base Pressure With Diaphragm Pump 1.5X10-9 Torr
Rotational Speed 42000 rpm
Recommended Forepump Mechanical
Recommended Controller Varian TV-550
Operating Positions Any
Weight 18kg/39.6lbs.