Leybold TMP-151C Turbomolecular Pump Background
Jon Cattivera | August 27, 2014

Leybold TMP-151C Turbomolecular Pump

Leybold TMP-151C Turbomolecular Pump

Leybold TMP-151C Grease lubricated turbomolecular pump with ceramic ball bearings.

Price for turbo vacuum pump Leybold Turbovac TMP-151C http://provac.com/products.php?pid=42&keywords=Leybold/Oerlikon

Ultimate Pressure <1010 Mbar Rotational Speed 50,000 RPM

Leybold TMP 151

Pumping Speeds  For Nitrogen ISO 100K  145 Liters/Second  

Run-up time approximately 2 minutes

Recommended Fore-vacuum pump Leybold D-16B

Recommended frequency converter Leybold NT-20


Leybold Turbovac TMP-151C Turbomolecular vacuum pump price   http://provac.com/products.php?pid=42&keywords=Leybold/Oerlikon

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