To proceed with sending your equipment in to our facility, please fill out a contamination data sheet and send in to Provac. 

Any questions? Give us a call at phone: 831-462-8900.

We offer repair service for roughing pumps, high vacuum pump, and ultra-high vacuum pumps from all major OEM. 



We Offer Repair Service for

Alcatel RSV series
Becker SV series
Busch WV/WZ series
Edwards EH, QMB series
Leybold WA, WAU, WS, WSU series
Stokes 304, 306, 607, 615 series
Kinney KMBD, MB, PD, Competitor series
& more

CTI Cryogenics
Brooks Automation

Pfeiffer MVP series
Vacuubrand MD, ME, MV, MZ series
Welch 2014, 2035, 2052 series
& more

Edwards Diffstak series
Varian HS, VHS series
Ulvac PBL series
& more

Alcatel/Pfeiffer A, ACP, ADP, ADS series
Busch DS series
Ebara A, ESA, ESR series
Edwards DP, QDP, iQDP, iGX, iH, EPX, GV, iF, iL, IPX series
Leybold 25P/B, 50P/B, 100P/B, SP series
Kinney KDP, SDV series
& more

Agilent BD/MD, BR/MR series
Alcatel/Pfeiffer ASM series
Edwards Spectron series
Leybold Phoenix, UL, MODUL series
Varian 936, 938, 947, 948, 949, 956, 959, 979
& more

Agilent/Varian Starcell, Noble Diode, VacIon series
& more

Kinney AF, KLRC series
& more

Edwards MF series
Leybold OF series
& more

Atlas Copco GLS series
Edwards/Stokes 148, 149, 212, 412 series
Leybold DK, E series
Kinney KC, KD, KT, KTC series
& more

Agilent/Varian Flexy, TPS series
Alcatel Drytel series
Pfeiffer HiCube series
& more

Anest Iwata DVSL, ISP series
Agilent IDP series
Agilent/Varian SH, PTS series
Edwards ESDP, GVSP series
Leybold SC series
Varian DS series
& more

Alcatel ACT, CFF, CFV, Guardian series
Ebara 305, 306, 804 series
Edwards EXC, TIC series
Leybold MAG, NT, TDS series
Osaka TC, TD series
Pfeiffer DCU, TCP, TPS series
Seiko Seiki SCU series
Varian TV series
& more

Alcatel ATP, ATS, MDP, PTM, TMP series
Alcatel/Pfeiffer ATH series
Agilent TwisTorr series
Ebara ET series
Edwards EXT series
Edwards/Seiko Seiki STP series
Leybold MAG, TMP series
Osaka TG, TH, TS series
Pfeiffer ATH, TMH, TMU, TPH, TPU, HiPace series
Shimadzu TMP series
Varian TV series
& more

Agilent MS series
Airtech L series
Alcatel A, C, C2, CP, CP+, SD series
Atlas Copco GVD series
Busch RA, RC series
Edwards EM, RV series
Leybold Trivac A, Trivac B series
Pfeiffer DUO, UNO series
Stokes V series
Thermo Savant VLP series
Kinney KVA series
Varian DS, HS, SD series
Welch DuoSeal, Direct-Drive series
& more

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