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Provac Sales, Inc. buys, sells and services vacuum pumps and helium leak detectors. Provac is also a manufacturer’s representative and distributor for Tuthill Vacuum & Blower Systems (manufacture of Kinney Vacuum pumps) and Inland Vacuum (vacuum pump fluids and greases), having maintained these relationships since our inception in 1990.

What We Do Background
Our President Background
Our President Background

Our President

Paul Flood, President of Provac, started his career with Provac in 2000 with an extensive background in the manufacturing industry.

Being from a family of noted physicists, he is a quick learner and is now an expert on most vacuum pumps and applications.


In the late 1990’s to early 2000’s, when manufacturers and their service groups were leaving Silicon Valley and laying people off, Provac started hiring their top-of-the-line technicians, some with 20+ years in their areas of expertise.

It was a good opportunity: with a roster of highly experienced people, Provac filled the void created when the vacuum pump manufacturers cut back on people and service.


Our Collective Mission

The collective mantra of Provac is to maintain an extensive inventory of ready-to-ship vacuum pumps and provide immediate technical support to people when they need it.

In the current business environment, it can be difficult to get a fast response from companies. Try finding somebody who can take your call at 3:00 PM, help you figure out the best solution to a problem, take an order and ship out the needed product the same day. This is what we do, every day.

Our Collective Mission Background

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