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Provac Sales, Inc. buys, sells & services vacuum pumps and helium leak detectors. We are a manufacturer’s representative and distributor for MD-Kinney (MD Pneumatics blowers, Kinney vacuum pumps & boosters), and Inland Vacuum (vacuum pump fluids and greases), having maintained these relationships since our inception in 1990.

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Team Members

Paul Flood Team Member Photo
Paul Flood: President

Paul has been with Provac since 2000. From starting in accounting, to working his way up to sales, Paul has 20+ years of expertise in the industry. Expertise turned to passion, and he decided to make Provac his own in 2016. In 2019, he purchased a building to give Provac a permanent home. When he’s not taking care of business, he enjoys the great outdoors, from surfing to snowboarding to heli-skiing!

Katy Manning Team Member Photo
Katy Manning: Vice President

Katy has over 15 years of vacuum pump experience & expertise. Need to troubleshoot? Katy. Wondering what the best pump for your application is? Katy. Need tips & tricks to keep your pump running in tip top shape? Katy! VP certainly encompasses all of the hats she wears. Monterey Bay is where her heart & her family are. Many days are spent at the beach, with some trips to Michigan throughout the year!

Ryan Wayne Team Member Photo
Ryan Wayne: Technician

Ryan has been with Provac for almost a decade! Starting as our delivery driver, he worked his way up to one of our most valued positions; making sure our vacuum pumps are up and running to their full potential! Focusing mostly on our turbos & controllers, Ryan inspects & tests all pumps before sending them off to our customers. On the weekends, he can be found hiking, camping, or drumming with his local band!

Chace Miller Team Member Photo
Chace Miller: Driver

Chace spends his workdays driving up and down the central CA coast, anywhere from Salinas to Berkeley. He’s the jolly face of our company when it comes to the free pickups & deliveries we offer to the SF Bay area.
Listening to podcasts entertains his curious mind for the 6-7 hours he spends in the van each day. Chace has a heart of gold, but don’t mess with this ex-cage fighter!

Ale Sanchez Team Member Photo
Ale Sanchez: Repairs, Sales

Alejandra is an integral part of Provac as the repair service department. She is the liaison between our customers & technicians, and provides quotations for our services. Were you hoping to speak to someone in Spanish? Ale is our bilingual boss and is happy to take your call! She spends as much time as she can with her family, and she whips up a mean batch of homemade salsa!

Ernie Strong Team Member Photo
Ernie Strong: Technician

Ernie has made big waves at Provac since day 1. He was hired to join our technicians to help with testing & minor repairs. Having managed an auto garage for over 10 years, Ernie immediately went above & beyond and took notice of things around our warehouse that needed attention. When he’s not testing pumps, or replacing parts, you can find Ernie doing stand-up comedy around Santa Cruz!

Michael Caldwell Team Member Photo
Michael Caldwell: Sales, Purchasing

Accounting Department Team Member Photo
Accounting Department: Accounting

Our Collective Mission

The collective mantra of Provac is to maintain an extensive inventory of ready-to-ship vacuum pumps and provide immediate technical support to people when they need it.

In the current business environment, it can be difficult to get a fast response from companies. Try finding somebody who can take your call at 3:00 PM, help you figure out the best solution to a problem, take an order and ship out the needed product the same day. This is what we do, every day.

Our Collective Mission Background

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