Alcatel ACT-1300M Turbo Pump Controller

Alcatel ACT-1300M Turbo Pump Controller

August 27, 2014


by Jon Cattivera

Alcatel ACT-1300M 

Turbomolecular Pump Controller Price for turbo pump controller Alcatel ACT-1300M

 Alcatel ACT 1300M

Turbo pump controller designed for maglev turbo pumps

Compatible with ATH-1300M and ATH-1600M  

Inputs Remote start-stop Remote stand-by Remote interlock  

Outputs Pump starting Pump at speed Stand-by on Venting valve on/off Selectable 0-10 volts output for speed, pump current, or temperature  

Pump Monitoring Microprocessor controlled Adjustable low speed mode Pump and controller monitoring Pump fault detection Standard RS-232.RS-485. The RS-232 serial link is used to control and monitor the pump using a computer.


Alcatel ACT-1300M turbomolecular pump controller price

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