Leybold Mag 2000C Turbomolecular Pump

Leybold Mag 2000C Turbomolecular Pump

August 27, 2014


by Jon Cattivera

Leybold Mag 2000C Turbomolecular Vacuum Pump with magnetic rotor suspension.  

Price for turbo vacuum pump Leybold Mag 2000C http://provac.com/products.php?pid=42&keywords=Leybold/Oerlikon   [

Leybold MAG 2000C Turbomolecular Vacuum Pump

Pumping speed according to PNEUROP Nitrogen 1550 liters/second Helium 1780 liters/second Hydrogen 1390 liters/second  

Rotational Speed 28,800 RPM  

Ultimate Pressure <10-8 Mbar  

Fore-vacuum pressure max 1.2 Torr  

Run-up time <8  Minutes  

Bearing: Magnetic    

Recommended backing pump: Leybold Trivac D65B/BCS  


Leybold MAG-400C turbomolecular vacuum pump price: http://provac.com/products.php?pid=42&keywords=Leybold/Oerlikon

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