Edwards nXDS & XDS Dry Scroll Pumps Background
Katy Manning | October 29, 2015

Edwards nXDS & XDS Dry Scroll Pumps

Edwards nXDS & XDS Dry Scroll Pumps

Provac's featured product:
Edwards XDS and nXDS Dry Scroll Vacuum Pumps

A favorite in the semiconductor industry, Edwards XDS scroll pumps have become an industry standard wherever dry pumping is essential, proving to be a robust and clean vacuum pump solution in a range of applications and processes. Benefits to Edwards Scroll Pumps include:
  • Quiet- up to 20 times quieter than other pumps
  • Low Cost of Ownership-
    long service interval
    & lower power consumption
  • Quicker Process- superior vapor handling

Provac offers both rebuilt and new inventory Edwards dry scroll pumps.  Just a few of our in-stock and ready-to-ship scroll pumps are highlighted below.


Edwards nXDS-10i

Scroll  Pump
New $6,578, Rebuilt $5,000

nXDS improves on legacy XDS pumps by offering increased pumping speeds, combined with lower ultimate pressures, lower power consumption and lower noise. Gas ballast allows for pumping of condensable vapors including, water, solvents, dilute acids and bases. nXDS pumps also feature the latest in tip seal technology giving significantly longer life between tip seal changes. Integrated inverter drive with auto sensing voltage input delivers optimized pumping performance globally.


Edwards Scroll Pumps
  • Mass spectroscopy
  • Scanning electron microscopes
  • Beam lines and end stations
  • Clean pumping applications
  • Turbo pump backing
  • Rare gas circulation

Contact Provac's technical and sales support:
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Edwards XDS-35i
Scroll  Pump

Totally clean and dry vacuum. No bearings or grease in the vacuum space. Pancake motor provides unique design, low power consumption, low noise levels. Adjustable gas ballast allows vapor to be handled and opens up the range of applications to many that were previously unsuited to scroll pumps.


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