Atlas Copco GVD 28: 22.3 CFM Vacuum Work-Horse

Atlas Copco GVD 28: 22.3 CFM Vacuum Work-Horse

February 23, 2018


by Katy Manning

Atlas Copco GVD-28 two-stage oil sealed vane pumps are designed for reliable, long-term operation.

22.3 CFM displacement, 2 MilliTorr ultimate vacuum level (60 hz. operation) 

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Atlas Copco GVD-28 Single Phase

Atlas Copco GVD-28 Three Phase

High-efficiency motors draw less amps than competitors 

Designed to run continuously 

Features include: 

-Thermal overload device which prevents overheating (single phase operation).

-Totally enclosed motors cooled by motor-cooling fan

-Easy to use controls

-Integrated gas ballast valve for large water vapor handling capacity

-Oil sight glass, oil distribution valve, two oil drain plugs, inlet port and outlet nozzle all fitted as standard.

Applications Include: 
Degassing/Curing- oils, epoxy resins


Freeze Drying

Gel Drying

Glove Boxes, ovens

Turbomolecular backing pumps



Analytical Instruments


Pumping Curve

Atlas Copco GVD 28 Technical Sheet

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