Automotive Industry - Product Spotlight: MD-Kinney KC Pumps Background
Katy Manning | February 04, 2020

Automotive Industry - Product Spotlight: MD-Kinney KC Pumps

Automotive Industry - Product Spotlight: MD-Kinney KC Pumps

MD-Kinney's KC line of oil sealed piston pumps offer an American-made fit for brake fluid filling stations. 

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The vacuum pumps required for brake fluid stations need to be robust and reliable and have the ability of repetitive performance without degradation while still being compatible with brake fluid for multiple evacuations which can vary depending upon braking systems from 40 to 60 vehicles per hour per machine. MD-Kinney's KC series of small two stage rotary piston pumps meet these requirements with the KC 15 being a particular favorite of OEM’s for brake filling machines. The KC pumps are ruggedly constructed with all cast iron rotary internals and can operate using a brake fluid compatible elastomer and lubricant such as UCON LB-300x which is a polyalkylene glycol (PAG) that will mix with the brake fluid should the brake fluid enter the pump or pump fluid enter the brake system due to an unlikely system upset that circumvents protective safeties. The KC 15s, like other installed components, are normally provided unpainted due to the paint stripping nature of the brake fluid. MD Kinney works with OEM’s to meet their pumping requirements with rugged, first class pumping equipment that is superbly compatible with the process.

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