Product Spotlight: Ebara A10S Dry Pump

Product Spotlight: Ebara A10S Dry Pump

May 04, 2018


by Katy Manning

Product Spotlight: Ebara A10S Dry Vacuum Pump

Provac Sales, Inc. stocks rebuilt Ebara A10S in our Soquel, CA facility. 

Technical Characteristics

-Complete pump safeguard system

-High pump operating temperature preventing condensation

-Low noise and low vibration

-Corrosion resistant materials-stainless steel coolers, water circuits

-High reliability for even harsh processes

-Canned motor

-Control panel for monitoring operating conditions

Technical Specifications:

Pumping Speed Nitrogen: 1000 Liters/Second/ 60 Cubic Meters/Hour(50 Hz.), 1200 Liters/Minute/ 72 Cubic Meters/Hour (60 Hz.)

Ultimate Pressure: 5X10-2 Mbar/5.3 Pascal (50 Hz.), 4X10-2 Mbar/4.0 Pascal (60 Hz.)

Water Consumption: 3.5 Liters/Minute

Nitrogen Consumption: 10-12 SLM/17-20 Pa Cubic Meters/Second

Voltage Ranges: 200-220/380-415V

Motor Power, Installed: 2.2 KW

Weight, Approximate: 220 KG

Sizes: 840x394x470 MM

Inlet Flange Size: KF-40

Exhaust Flange Size: KF-40

Applications Include: Semiconductor, Solar, R&D


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