How Vacuum Pumps Assist During The Coffee Roasting Process Background
Katy Manning | July 30, 2021

How Vacuum Pumps Assist During The Coffee Roasting Process

How Vacuum Pumps Assist During The Coffee Roasting Process

People love their coffee and many people drink it first thing in the morning. Others drink it all day and some like it with a snack at night.  No matter how they like their coffee, they need to make sure that it's made right.  They will want to look into coffee roasting with a vacuum for the most awesome tasting coffee they probably ever had.  It's popular to use a vacuum for coffee roasting because preserving the freshness and flavor is important to the consumer.

Coffee Roasting With Vacuum

Freshly roasted coffee must rest a few days before a person will be able to drink it.  This is because carbon dioxide is being released from the beans that have been freshly roasted.  There will also be exposure to oxygen on the beans that will cause the coffee to go stale in a quick way which is not what a person wants at all especially if they are a true coffee lover.  The way to stop this is to have machinery that will suck out the air in the bag with the coffee beans and put them under a vacuum for safe storage.  The coffee is stored in packages.  These packages have small vent holes that will allow all of the carbon dioxide to be released without the air from the outside being allowed into the bag.       

How Long Can A Person Count On Coffee Beans Last In The Vacuum-Sealed Bags?

As a general rule, the coffee beans will last 6 months when they are in vacuum-sealed bags.  This will have an effect on the taste of the coffee.  It will lose its taste after about 2 weeks.  Most people will use it rather quickly if they are avid coffee drinkers.  In most cases, this is an excellent way to store coffee beans and many people find that it works for them.  It's always a good idea for people to store their vacuum-sealed coffee beans in their freezer.  This will protect it from light, moisture and temperature fluctuations and therefore, will allow it to still taste good for a while.  


Getting The Proper Equipment

People will need to get the proper equipment when they want to vacuum-seal their coffee beans.  They can do this by searching online to make it easier for them to know where they need to go to order this equipment or they can order online and have it delivered to their home.  They will want to compare prices with different stores so that they are getting the best deal possible.  Taking advantage of any sales, discounts or promotions is very important so that they can save money.  When they do their homework, they will find that they will be able to afford the equipment to make sure that they are able to vacuum-seal their coffee beans when they want to.  Many people find it's the best way to make them last longer and taste good still and they invest the money that they need to in order to have their coffee the way that they want it for a long time to come.


Vacuum pumps can be used during the roasting process to dry roast the unit under vacuum which drives off moisture without heating the bean up. This can change the flavor profile and reduces “burn” of the bean. Vacuum is also used during production to transport the beans from roaster to bag filling machines as well as purging beans with nitrogen. Finally, vacuum is used during packaging to vacuum-seal the packages sealing in flavor and freshness.

Many People Join Coffee Forums To Learn More About Coffee

Learning the most that they can about coffee is important if they want to have the best.  They can join the coffee forums and talk to other people about their experiences with their coffee.  Since they will have a lot of suggestions for them, they should take notes in order to make sure that they have the best supply of coffee beans for themselves and for guests when they come to visit.  Having a large amount on hand will allow them to make plenty of it whenever they need to.   

People that love coffee will want to make sure that they look into vacuum-sealing their coffee beans.  They will find like many other people did, that it will work for them.  When they are a coffee lover, they want to do what makes it last longer and taste great.  In the morning, afternoon, at night or all day long, they will have the ability to drink their favorite beverage.


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