Leybold MAG-2000 C/CT Turbomolecular Pump- Product Spotlight

Leybold MAG-2000 C/CT Turbomolecular Pump- Product Spotlight

April 18, 2018


by Katy Manning

Leybold MAG-2000 C/CT Turbomolecular Pump with Magnetic Rotor Suspension with Compound Stage

Typical Applications:
All major semiconductor processes such as Etch, CVD, PVD, and Ion Implantation

Technical Features:
Active 5-axis magnetic bearing system

Patented KEPLA-COAT for rotor and stator to prevent corrosion

Low noise and vibration levels

Operation in any orientation

Compound rotor design for high pumping speed and foreline pressure

Integrated purge gas system

CT versions: Integrated temperature management system

Advantages to the  user:

Maintenance Free

High throughput for all etch gases

High pumping speed at low presure

High foreline pressure tolerance; up to 5.3 mbar (4 Torr)

High resistance against corrosive gases

Robust against particles and deposits

Temperature management system to avoid condensation

Application Specific Design

Technical Details: 

Leybold MAG-2000C ISO-250F , 2000CT ISO-250F

1,550 Liters/Second (N2)

1,780 Liters/Second (He)

1,390 Liters/Second (H2)

Speed 28,800 RPM

Compression Ratio >108

Ultimate Pressure: <10-8 mBar (<0.75 X10-8 Torr)

Max. Foreline Pressure for N2 (3.5 mBar (2.625 Torr)

Recommended Fore-vacuum Pump: Leybold D-65BCS

Buy now at: https://www.provac.com/products/leybold-oerlikon-mag-2000ct-turbo-pump-iso250-inlet-rebuilt



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