Product Spotlight: Pfeiffer ATH-1300MT Turbo Pump Background
Katy Manning | April 20, 2018

Product Spotlight: Pfeiffer ATH-1300MT Turbo Pump

Product Spotlight: Pfeiffer ATH-1300MT Turbo Pump

Pfeiffer ATH-1300MT Turbo Pump- Product Spotlight

Hybrid magnetically-levitated turbo pumps. 

5 active axes and the monolithic rotor enhance the robustness and reliability of the pumps. Magnetic levitated bearing allows the rotor tho rotate without any contact, wear, lubrication, noise, or vibration. 

Designed for high pressure and high throughput pumping requirements of the semiconductor applications. 

Applications Include: Metal Etch, Dielectric Etch, Interconnect Etch, PECVD, Ion Implantation, Sputtering, Electron Microscopy, Plasma Deposition, Research & Development, Particle Accelerators, Space Simulation

Technical Data: 
Rotational Speed: 34,000 RPM

Pumping Speed: 1,250 liters/second (N2), 850 liters/second (He), 550 liters/second (H2)

Compression Ratio: 1x107 (N2), 2x103 (He), 1x102 (H2)

Ultimate Pressure: 8x10-9 mbar

Purging Nitrogen Flow Rate: 50 SCCM

Mounting Position: Any

Pump Weight: 75.5 Lbs

Pfeiffer ATH-1300MT Turbo Pump

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