Product Spotlight: Kinney KD & KDH Piston Pumps

Product Spotlight: Kinney KD & KDH Piston Pumps

February 19, 2018


by Katy Manning

Kinney KD/KDH Rotary Piston, Single-Stage Vacuum Pumps

•Absolute pressures down to the low micron range
•Full pumping speed down to 1 Torr 
•Long-life operation due to no metal-to-metal contact in the pumping chamber
•High resistance to abrasion and corrosion
•No small orifices to plug up
•KD pumps include integral oil mist eliminator
•Adjustable gas ballast permits handling of condensable vapors

Ultimate Pressure: 10 microns

Backed by a 30 month warranty

Manufactured in the United States

Applications include: Drying Chambers, Filling Machinery, Evacuation of Process Chambers, Degasifiers

Kinney KD-30 Piston Pump

Pumping Capacity 33 ACFM

Kinney KD-50 

Pumping Capacity 52 ACFM

Kinney KDH-130

Pumping Capacity 134 ACFM

Kinney KDH-150 

Pumping Capacity 165 ACFM

Kinney KDH 130 150 Performance Curve

Kinney KD 30 50 Performance Curve

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