Product Spotlight: Kinney KC Series Background
Katy Manning | February 15, 2018

Product Spotlight: Kinney KC Series

Product Spotlight: Kinney KC Series

Kinney KC Series Oil Sealed Piston Pumps

Free Air Displacement: 5, 8, 15 CFM

Ultimate Pressure: 0.2 Microns


 •High pumping speed at pressures below 10 microns; much lower than attainable with single stage pumps
•Adjustable gas ballast permits handling of condensable vapors
•Rugged construction and compact design
•No metal-to-metal contact in pumping chamber
•Unequalled durability, even in dirty applications
•Dynamically balanced for functionally vibration-free operation
•Caged slide pin outwears other types commonly used

Applications include:

Evacuating Refrigeration Systems, Liquid Gas Storage, Brake Filling Systems, Low-Pressure Chemical Vapor Deposition (LPCVD), Leak Detection

General Description

Kinney® KC Series compound high vacuum pumps are designed to maintain lower pressures than are attainable with single stage pumps. Two sets of cams and pistons mounted 180° apart on a single shaft operate in series. The two pumping chambers are connected by a channel that serves as an oil supply duct for the high vacuum side of the pump and as a gas duct between the two stages. The high vacuum side is continuously sealed with vacuum-purified oil from its own reservoir, the vacuum conditioning being provided by the roughing (2nd) stage.

In operation, KC pumps are functionally vibration less, making them well suited for portable installations where high vibration cannot be tolerated. The rotary pistons have no contact with surfaces in the pumping chamber, all clearances being perfectly sealed and lubricated with oil. Because there is no mechanical contact, wear is minimized, permitting Kinney pumps to operate efficiently for years without repairs. Whenever repairs do become necessary, these pumps can be easily serviced in the field without special tools.

All KC pumps are air-cooled and are equipped with controllable gas ballast. The gas ballast feature provides vapor-handling capability and reduces oil changes by preventing condensable vapors from contaminating the oil. They are equipped with oil mist eliminators as standard equipment. This feature, optional on most other makes of pumps, eliminates all visible oil mist in the pump discharge, keeping the work area cleaner, safer, and more pleasant. Each pump operates within the rating of its standard drip-proof motor throughout its entire operating pressure range.
KC pumps will produce an ultimate pressure of 0.2 micron Hg Abs. or less (McLeod Gauge) when using Kinney® AX vacuum oil.

Typical Pumping Speed Curve

 Kinney KC Piston Pump Pumping Curve

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