Tuthill KT Series Single Stage Piston Pumps- Product Spotlight

Tuthill KT Series Single Stage Piston Pumps- Product Spotlight

February 19, 2018


by Katy Manning

Tuthill KT Single Stage Oil Sealed Rotary Piston Pumps

Manufactured in the United States

Backed by 30 month warranty

· Full pumping speed down to 1 Torr
· Can operate continuously at any pressure up to 100 Torr
· Ultimate pressure 10 Microns (McLeod Gauge)
· Adjustable gas ballast permits handling of condensable vapors
· No metal to metal contact in pumping chamber
· Unequaled durability, even in dirty applications
· Compact footprint design
· Simple installation, no special preparations required
· Triplex piston design provides quiet, vibration-free operation

Applications include: Transformer Oil Drying, Heat Treating, Coating, Metallurgy

Kinney KT-150C 
150 CFM Displacement


Kinney KT-300D

300 CFM Displacement


Kinney KT-500D 

490 CFM Displacement


Kinney KT-850D

780 Displacement


Kinney KT 150 300 Performance Curve

Kinney KT 500 850 Performance Curve

Contact Provac Sales, Inc. for pricing and availability. 

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