MD-Kinney Vacuum Pumps Background
Katy Manning | February 06, 2018

MD-Kinney Vacuum Pumps

MD-Kinney Vacuum Pumps

Single Stage A Series Liquid Ring PumpsTuthill A Series Single Stage Liquid Ring Pump

Pumping capacity ranges from 10-300 ACFM (60 Hz.)

Features Include:
-Design allows pump to operate flooded, without damage

-No contact between operating components in the casing

-Available in stainless steel, bronze, or cast-iron construction

Applications include:
Vacuum Packaging, Extruding, Solvent Distillation/Recovery, Sterilization


Two Stage KLRC Series Liquid Ring Pumps

Tuthill KLRC Two Stage Liquid Ring Pump

Pumping capacity ranges from 75-1060 ACFM (60 Hz.)

Features Include:

-Ideally suited for pumping wet mixtures

-Self-contained liquid recovery & Recirculation are available

-Available in all iron construction (no yellow metals) and 316 stainless steel construction.

Applications include:
Chemical & Pharmaceutical Processing, Vapor Recovery, Deaeration, Extruders, Crystallizers, Central Vacuum Systems


KVA Single Stage Oil Sealed Rotary Vane Pumps

Tuthill KVA Single Stage Oil Sealed Vane Pump

Ultimate vacuum for most models of 0.5 Torr

Pumping capacity ranges from 7-460 ACFM (60 Hz.)

Features include:

-Non-metallic vanes

-Integral Exhaust Filters

-TEFC high-efficiency motors

-Anti-suck back valve

Applications Include:
Vacuum Packaging, Central Vacuum Systems, Meat Packing, Vacuum Chucking & Holding, Plastic Thermoforming, Food Processing

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