Vacuum Boosters & Blowers- How do They Work? Background
Katy Manning | February 20, 2019

Vacuum Boosters & Blowers- How do They Work?

Vacuum Boosters & Blowers- How do They Work?

Mechanical vacuum boosters or blowers (name depends on the manufacturer) add a second or third pumping stage to your vacuum operation, boosting the pumping speed and assisting to achieve a deeper ultimate vacuum level faster.

Boosters can be added to your existing roughing pump including liquid ring, piston, mechanical vane, dry screw, or dry multistage roots pumps to boost performance.

The basic operating principal of a mechanical booster is diagrammed below. A volume is swept from the inlet to the exhaust by the motion of two (or sometimes three) rotating lobes. The rotation of the lobes inside of the booster body compresses the volume to discharge out of the exhaust.  

Blower Booster operating principle

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