Agilent Twistorr 74FS, Turbo Pump Image 1

Agilent Twistorr 74FS, Turbo Pump

Pricing and lead time confirmed with inquiry

  • Type of Product: Turbo Pump
  • Manufacturer: Agilent
  • Price: *ASK
  • Other Configurations Available Upon Request

Technical Specs

Pumping Speed KF40 N2: 49 L/s, He: 38 L/s, H2: 36 L/s, Ar: 44 L/s
Pumping Speed 2.75CF N2: 56 L/s, He: 46 L/s, H2: 40 L/s, Ar: 57 L/s
Pumping Speed 4.5CF or ISO63 N2: 67 L/s, He: 63 L/s, H2: 53 L/s, Ar: 66 L/s
Compression Ratio N2: ≥1.0X10E+11, He: 2.0X10E+5, H2: 5.0X10E+4, Ar: >1.0X10E+11
Rotational Speed 81000 rpm
Recommended Backing Pump Rotary Vane
Operating Position Any
Cooling Air or Water
Weight 3.50kg/7.7lbs.