Seiko Seiki STP-301C Turbo Pump, Rebuilt Image 1

Seiko Seiki STP-301C Turbo Pump, Rebuilt

$ 10,000.00

  • Type of Product: Turbo Pump
  • Manufacturer: Seiko Seiki
  • Condition: Rebuilt
  • Price: $10,000.00
  • *Additional Configurations Available Upon Request

Technical Specs

Pumping Speed N2: 300 l/s, He: 280 l/s, H2: 300 l/s
Compression Ratio N2: >10E+8, He: 5X10E+5, H2: 2X10E+4
Ultimate Pressure Without Anti-Corrosion Treatment ICF Flange: 10-10 Torr, VG/ISO Flange: 5X10-8 Torr
Ultimate Pressure Chemical Specific ICF Flange: 10-9 Torr, VG/ISO Flange: 5X10-8 Flange
Rated Speed 25000 to 48000 rpm
Installation Position Free
Recommended Controller SCU-301C
Mass 11kg/25lbs.
Applications Include Plasma Etch, Electron Cyclotron Resonance, Film Deposition, Sputtering, Ion Implantation.