Product Spotlight: Agilent TV-301 Turbo Pump Background
Katy Manning | March 14, 2018

Product Spotlight: Agilent TV-301 Turbo Pump

Product Spotlight: Agilent TV-301 Turbo Pump

Agilent/Varian TV-301 Turbo Pumps offer State-of-the-art MacroTorr Technology. 

Features of MacroTorr Technology:

-Maximizes the throughput of the pump

-Extends the foreline tolerance up to 18 mbar

-Increases the compression ratio by decades, most noteably for light gases. 

Applications include:

High Energy Physics and Research Laboratories

Analytical Instrumentation: Mass Spectrometry, Electron Microscopy

Industrial Process: Thin Film Deposition, Device Processing, Vacuum Furnaces/Metallurgy


Varian V-301 Turbo Pump, Rebuilt $4,000.00 

ISO-100K inlet, KF-25 or KF-16 exhaust. Other inlet styles available. 

Pumping Speed: 250 liters/second ISO-100K N2

Compression Ratio: 7X10E+8 N2 

Ultimate Base Pressure with recommended forepump: <5x10E-10 mbar

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Recommended Forepump:

Oil Sealed Vane Pump: Varian DS-102:

Dry Scroll: Varian SH-100:

Agilent Varian V-301 Pumping Curve

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