Central Vacuum Systems Background
Katy Manning | October 06, 2020

Central Vacuum Systems

Central Vacuum Systems

As manufacturers search for ways to improve efficiency and reduce running costs, central vacuum systems are becoming more popular. Centralizing the vacuum needs gets rid of the need for people to perform regular maintenance and repairs on multiple pumps around a facility.


Ideally, it allows for continuous and uninterrupted operation as these systems often feature a backup or reserve pump that goes on automatically when the primary pump fails. Without a central system, if a pump fails or calls for maintenance, the machine associated will have to be out of service as well.


Also, centralization makes it more comfortable for staff members in this ever-changing business domain. Removing pumps from the working environment reduces the heat and noise generated by the motors and pumps.


Central Vacuum


If you have water-cooled or oil-lubricated pumps, centralizing reduces the chances of water or oil spills, which can potentially lead to falls and, thus, injury. If you have any questions regarding positive displacement or vacuum pumps and would like to know how this kind of vacuum can be integrated into your application, we are here to help. We can provide a wide array of central vacuum systems for medical and industrial applications.


Here are a few examples of different types of central vacuum systems.


Oilless Industrial/Medical Central Vacuum System


This kind of system is completely oil-less and ideal for surgical/medical or general industrial applications that call for vacuum levels from the atmosphere to up to 27 mm-HG.


Oil Flooded Industrial/Medical Central Vacuum System


These models are compact, usually able to fit through a 36-inch doorway. They are ideal for medical and industrial applications. The system features oil-lubricated rotary vane pumps capable of drawing vacuum as high as 29 in.HG.


Laboratory Vacuum Systems Featuring Auto-Purge


These models feature an auto-purge function. These machines are specifically made for lab applications, and the auto-purge function cleanses the pump of ingested chemicals and gases, thus extending the life of both the oil and the pump.


CNC Router / Woodworking Systems


Specifically designed for industrial applications, these meet manufacturer requirements, particularly those that utilize vacuum hold down for router tables in thermoforming, woodworking, etc.


These are just a few examples of the many central vacuum solution possibilities.

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