Product Spotlight: Leybold TMP-361(C) Turbo Pump Background
Katy Manning | March 22, 2018

Product Spotlight: Leybold TMP-361(C) Turbo Pump

Product Spotlight: Leybold TMP-361(C) Turbo Pump

Oerlikon Leybold TMP-361 Classic-Line Turbomolecular Pumps are in-stock and ready to ship at Provac Sales, Inc. 

Leybold's Turbovac classic-line turbomolecular pumps feature mechanical rotor suspension with grease-lubricated bearings. The classic-line has been produced for over 20 years and has proven itself to be an industry-standard when it comes to producing high-vacuum across various applications.

Part Numbers: 

Leybold TMP-361C ISO-100K Inlet P/N 85675

Leybold TMP-361 ISO-100K Inlet P/N 85670

Leybold TMP-361C ISO-160K P/N 85677

Leybold TMP-361 ISO-160K P/N 85672

Leybold TMP-361 ISO-100K Inlet

Technical Details:

Leybold TMP-361 ISO-100K Inlet/ISO 100 CF Inlet

Leybold TMP-361C ISO-100K Inlet/ISO-100 CF Inlet

Pumping Speed: 345 Liters/Second (Nitrogen)

Ultimate Pressure: <10E-10 mbar

Forvacuum Pressure: 0.5 mbar

Recommended Forevacuum Pump: Leybold D-16B/D25B 

Recommended Frequency Converter: Leybold NT-20

Speed: 45,000 RPM

Run-up Time: Approximately 2 Minutes

Coolant Connection Nozzle: 10 mm

Coolant Temperature: 10-25 Celsius

Coolant Flow Rate at 15 Degrees Celsius: 20 liters/hour-1

In Stock, Buy It Now: 

Leybold TMP-361C ISO-100K

Leybold TMP-361C ISO-160K

Applications Include: Leak Detectors, Mass Spectrometers, Gas Chromatography, Liquid Chromatography, Data Storage, Optical Coating, UHV, XHV Systems, Particle Accelerators, Load Locks, Transfer Chambers


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