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Leybold MAG-2000C Turbomolecular Vacuum Pump

Leybold MAG-2000C Turbomolecular Vacuum Pump Turbomolecular pump with magnetic rotor suspension.   Price for turbo vacuum pump Leybold MAG-2000C   [ Pumping speed according to PNEUROP Nitrogen 1550 liters/second Helium 1780 liters/second Hydrogen 1390 liters/second   Rotational Speed 28,800 RPM   Ultimate Pressure <10-8 Mbar   Fore-vacuum pressure max 1.2 Torr   Run-up time <8  Minutes   Bearing: Magnetic     Recommended backing pump: Leybold Trivac D65B/BCS     Leybold MAG-400C turbomolecular vacuum pump price:

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