Why Is My Vacuum Not Pulling Enough? Background
Katy Manning | December 06, 2019

Why Is My Vacuum Not Pulling Enough?

Why Is My Vacuum Not Pulling Enough?

A pump that has no vacuum is useless. Most of the time, people blame the vacuum pump itself, while it is actually the system that is not pulling enough vacuum. In fact, a low vacuum is often due to the required troubleshooting of other components in the machine. Most of the time, this can be easily fixed with a few simple adjustments.


Leaks in the System


In general, vacuum leaks are one of the most popular problems that come up in a pump’s system. When your system leaks, it prevents the vacuum from keeping its optimum pressure. This is mainly brought about when the pumps can’t efficiently get rid of the amount of air that passes through the system. In these situations, the very first thing you need to do is find the leak and deal with the area in question. For fine leaks, a helium leak checker can be used.


Foreline Traps


Typically, foreline traps help in maintaining clean oil by making sure that the oil doesn’t backstream into the pump. When it comes to soiled foreline traps, you should clean them regularly since they can affect the vacuum pump pressure and will restrict pumping capabilities.




Another crucial aspect of maintenance is checking the oil. Putting in the incorrect amount of oil, putting in the wrong type of oil, and oil contamination can all cause the pump to not reach full vacuum. For this reason, you must check the oil regularly to ensure that it is not only clean, but also properly filled.


If you find that the pump’s oil is dirty, you should flush it and refill it with new oil. You should also carry out this practice if you find you have been using the wrong type of oil for your particular vacuum pump. It’s critical to use the right type of oil.


Clogged Inlet


Certain operators make use of materials that serve as a protective screen at the inlet of the vacuum pump. If the screen is really dirty or covered in debris, it will later clog, which can cause low vacuum levels. To fix this problem, you will need to replace the screen.


Open Gas Ballast Valves


Generally, the opening of gas ballast valves helps in exhausting any contaminated oil. Since open gas ballast valves can have an impact on the pump pressure, you should only open them when condensed vapors are a huge concern.


There are a lot of other reasons that can cause a pump not to operate at its full potential. For those who are facing difficulties locating the cause of the low vacuum levels of the pumps, you should seek assistance from a professional. Our experts will also provide you with useful recommendations for reliable practices and products to ensure that your vacuum pump operates at maximum efficiency.

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